Intruder – Janis Joplin [Live Song]

High quality live track from the Big Brother & Holding Company album.
Catchy as hell song!

You come around here
Trying to make your demand.
You’ve got a need, darling,
I’ve seen it grow and expand.

Yeah, you want to reveal my life
With your own two hands.
Well, tell me now
What are you trying to do ?

Those holes in your life
Show what you require.
You’re needin’ new eyes,
Oh Lord, honey take any wire ?

Yeah you’ve gotta save us all
Before the next big fire.
Tell me now
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What are you trying to do ?

Walked in my life,
Child, and I don’t even
know your name.
You put others around behind ya
As if they were lame.

You insist a simple feeling
Will be all the same.
Well, tell me now
What are you trying to do ?

Now I look like I’m suffering,
N-n-n-n-n-n-now I’m doing fine.
One look at yourself baby,
Child, I got you alive.

Yeah, you’re gonna
take care of yours,
I’ll take care of mine.
What are you trying to do ?

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