NINA SIMONE on JANIS JOPLIN ,Wonderful!! , live at Montreux,1976

The wonderful , dizzy and ¨crazy¨ Nina Simone (1933-2003) was one of the greatest artists of XX century. She started playing piano with 2 years old and made her first public concert with the age of 12. She used to play only classical music. Studied at the famous, celebrate and excellent JUILLIARD SCHOOL OF NEW YORK and then, because of ethnic causes she was rejected like a classical pianist. She had one of the biggest talent for music and arts in general, was a genius. So, she started playing in bars, cafes… and had soon a lot of fans of her tallent. Was also an importnt activist for the black causes in USA. Well, here, she sings and talk a very interesting thing, weird thing, indeed, about JANIS JOPLIN, who she liked too much. She in fact had a psyquiatric desorder , but it was publicated at her biography only after her dead, in 2004. (Bipolar affective disorder). PLESE, WHO LIKE THIS VIDEO BUY THE DVD NINA SIMONE LIVE IN MONTREUX

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