Janis Joplin – Me and Bobby McGee

Update 2017-08-21.
This is a video I made with a program many years ago. It’s not the entire songs (which is very unfortunate but I wasn’t very skilled back then) and the text is a brief overview of her life. I had just read a book about Janis which is why I added the comments between the pictures. I could relate so much to her inner demons and struggles at that time which is why I put my focus on that instead of the good things she achieved and how she changed the world. That’s also unfortunate but that’s how it is.
There are many more videos out there that contains more information if you want to read about Janis. I just made this video for fun, bored at work. Didn’t realise it would be viewed 10 million times. So I apologise for the crappy quality and the abrupt end of the song.
If you still want to listen, be my guest! 🙂

Ps. Yes I spelled heroin wrong, so sue me. I’m from Sweden. But on the other hand she was a true heroine.

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