Happy birthday, Janis Joplin!; Me & Bobby McGee

This is a video I made as a tribute to the one and only Janis Joplin. She is an angel, and I don’t just mean in literal terms. Her contributions to the world could never be measured, and even 38 years after her tragic death, she continues to touch lives. If you do not know much about her, I would strongly suggest doing some reading, because this woman was amazing. The best biographies I would recommend are “Love, Janis” by her sister, Laura Joplin, and “Scars of Sweet Paradise” by Alice Echols.
I may not have even been alive at the same time as you, but I do love you, along with countless others. Rest in Peace, love.
January 19th, 1943 –
October 4th, 1970.

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