Janis Joplin – Turtle Blues cover by Sara & Andrea of Motion Device (2013)

11 year old singer Sara and her 15 year old sister Andrea dedicate this cover of ‘Turtle Blues’ to the one and only Janis Joplin who would have turned 70 years old today (January 19th, 2013). The sisters are part of a ROCK band called Motion Device. Sara actually just celebrated her 11th birthday on January 16th – she’s a Capricorn just like Janis!!

Many of the band’s fans say that Sara reminds them a lot of Janis so we decided to upload this video on Janis’s birthday as a way to say THANK YOU to Janis for all the great music she has given us and to give her and everyone else hope that rock and roll is still alive and well in the hearts and souls of Sara & Motion Device. We hope you’re listening Janis.

Enjoy the video and please comment.

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